2016 a super year!

Some of the sucess in 2016:
Brinketorps Yliette 

BOS Germany and became International Champion
V2 Klubsieger Workingsclass and Auslandsieger finalist dog
BOB Special Show Norway
BOB Scandinavian Klubsieger Show
Norewegian Klubsiegerin
We passed our IPO2 in Sweden
We got the price for most winning female in club shows in Norway 2016

Hannah von den Nibelungen passed her BH and are ready for new trials in 2017

Bia vom Mittelrheintal a  new dog from Germany came late in december and is co-owned with Morten/Heidi who will focus on IPO trials.

The puppies from the A-litter is in training with great people and they attended at our “puppycamp” this summer.

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