Anton vom Herzweil

HD D  ED 0

Owners: Irene Kjønnerød & Kjetil Grøneng, Bergen Norway

Presenting the wonderful Zizou, that lives with Kjetil, Irene and Gard in Bergen, Western Norway. Or more precicely, we live in his house :-))

Kjetil works as grocer in Rema 1000 and Irene as coordinator in an inter municipal partnership focusing on public health, healthy living and coping activities. Irene is a physiotherapist. We both make sure the dog is properly trained from a young age to avoid injuries as much as possible.
Gard is our youngest human member of the family, born in August 2015. He and Zizou already seems to be great friends. They are both working on their skills of behaving around each other and treating each other respectfully.
We can’t see ourselves beeing without this amazing breed. We trained our previous Rottweiler in search (rundering: )  and obedience, but never got as far as competing with him. We are aiming at competing with Zizou in search and have already carefully introduced him to the sports. On a daily basis he will of course live an active life, attend seminars to learn his owners all kinds of things, go hiking and so on.

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