About Us

fagerheimvom Herzweil is a small kennel based in 40km from Oslo in Lier.
The name Herzweil was founded based of the name Herz=Heart  and Weil for Rottweilers.

Its pretty basic our heart is for the Rottweiler breed, simple as that.
We have our own IPO field for obedience and protection work, we also have fields for tracking. We also in Sweden run a Training club called Camp K9 you will find more info on www.campk9.se .

For us the Rottweiler is a working dog, made for working and should also look like a Rottweiler, not like a Doberman and not like a Mastiff,  but as the true Rottweiler dog that is written in the German ADRK standard for the breed.  We want people to be active with their dogs, they don’t need to compete in World Championships but should not be used as “family pets” only. Its important that the Rottweiler can use his power from his body but also from his mind. When it comes to breeding Rottweilers we aim to follow the guidelines and requirements from the German Rottweilerclub ADRK.
Germany has for many years produced top Rottweilers for work/sport and show.

We train and compete with our dogs ourselves, our dogs do NOT live in kennels/cages, the live inside our house as members of our family. With a puppy from Herzweil you belong to our family, we try to help and support you with your dog for life. If you share the same values as us, you are welcome to contact us.


About Robert



Working as Project Manager within IT industry. Bought my first Rottweiler Phenni in 1995. She became a military service dog for the Swedish Armed forces, she was also a approved dog for security since she was tested by the police force at only 18 months of age.
This combined as she was a Swedish show champion proved that you can combine good working dogs with show.
I am educated as dog handler for security dogs at Stockholms Hundskola, i have several roles in Swedish and Norwegian clubs. I am also a member of the German Club ADRK.
In my sparetime i read everything i can about the breed, i also collect old historical items about the breed.  In the late 90:s i had 2 litters when lived in Sweden.



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